Jordan Foster Construction Awarded the Casa Ronquillo Restoration in San Elizario, TX

May 21, 2021 | New Projects

El Paso County has awarded Jordan Foster Construction the Casa Ronquillo restoration project in San Elizario, TX.  The Job Order Contracting division of Jordan Foster Construction will manage the project.

Once the home of José Ygnacio Ronquillo, a 19th-century Mexican army commander, this 300-year-old historic hacienda will be converted into a museum. In its prime, the 2,000 square-foot Casa Ronquillo was among the largest in town. Built in the shape of a horseshoe, the estate boasted three wings, 12 rooms, multiple entries, and a large courtyard.

Improvements to Casa Ronquillo will include the replacement of doors and windows, electrical work, the installation of water and sewer, wall and flooring repairs, and the construction of the parking lot. Additionally, the project will include improvements to an adjacent piece of land.

Due to the historic nature of this project, Jordan Foster Construction will work closely with the Texas Historic Commission.  The goal is for this unique adobe house to remain a prominent symbol of the life and lore of the old Southwest.

For more information and to view photos of Casa Ronquillo visit the Library of Congress website: