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Jordan Foster Enhances Pax Christi Food Pantry’s Mission with Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Pathway

Mar 1, 2024 | News

In the heart of San Antonio, the Pax Christi Food Pantry has long served as a beacon of hope for families in need. However, the noble efforts of the sisters and volunteers were hindered by the challenges of an uneven parkway, making the distribution process cumbersome and even dangerous, especially in inclement weather.

Recognizing the vital role the pantry plays in the community, Jordan Foster stepped in to make a difference. With a commitment to giving back, the JFC team embarked on a project to construct a concrete driveway and sidewalk pathway, transforming the site and enhancing its ability to serve those in need.

“This much-needed improvement is the least we can do for the Pax Christi Sisters,” said Clint Henson, Operations Manager for Jordan Foster’s civil division in San Antonio, TX. “The families they help wait in their cars for hours to receive assistance.”

The project’s impact was immediate and profound. Prior to the construction, the pantry served approximately 200-215 families per distribution day, facing logistical challenges in maneuvering food deliveries and serving vehicles efficiently. Now, with the smooth surface provided by the new pavement, volunteers can navigate the space with ease, ensuring a safer and more streamlined process for distributing food to those in need.

The significance of this improvement cannot be overstated. With cars lining up as early as 8:00 am for a distribution that begins at 1:00 pm, the need for efficient and safe operations at the pantry is evident. Thanks to Jordan Foster’s dedication to community service, families facing food insecurity can access the support they need without enduring long waits or facing unnecessary obstacles.

The impact of our contribution was recently acknowledged by the Pax Christi Sisters and volunteers, who expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the transformational work. In a letter to Jordan Foster, they shared their joy and appreciation for the newfound efficiency and safety afforded by the concrete driveway and sidewalk pathway.

“The work led by Mr. Juan Valdez and Mr. Javier Campos and crew in San Antonio has given great testimony to the professionalism of the company they represent,” said Jeff and Sally Jung. “We can’t thank you and them enough.”

As we reflect on this project, we are reminded of the power of collaboration and the profound difference that can be made when individuals and organizations come together for the greater good. Jordan Foster is honored to have played a role in enhancing the Pax Christi Food Pantry’s mission, and we remain committed to supporting initiatives that strengthen our communities and uplift those in need.