Jordan Foster Construction Selected as 2024 Grand Award Winner for Construction Safety Excellence by Associated General Contractors of America

Mar 27, 2024 | News

El Paso, TX – March 26, 2024 – Jordan Foster Construction has been recognized with two prestigious awards for construction safety excellence by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). The company received 1st place in the AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA) in the Highway and Civil work category with man hours over 1 million hours and was selected as the Grand Award Winner, representing the highest honor awarded across all categories.

The AGC CSEA program recognizes construction companies with outstanding safety performance and a demonstrated commitment to safety and occupational health management. Jordan Foster Construction’s success in this esteemed competition is attributed to its dedication to its people, exemplified by its robust commitment to the Total Health of our team.

John Goodrich, Jesus Miranda, and Damian Alvarez Conducting a Safety Stand Down

“At Jordan Foster Construction, our people are our most valuable asset,” said John Goodrich, President of the Civil Division at Jordan Foster Construction. “Our success in the AGC CSEA program is a testament to our commitment to continuously striving to hear from our most important asset, our field team members. We prioritize creating a culture where everyone feels valued, supported, and heard. This prestigious award recognizes our outstanding commitment to the well-being and safety of our team members,” added Goodrich. “

“Safety professionals measure a company’s safety culture by asking one simple question – ‘Would you let a member of your family work here?’ This represents the core of trust and care.” Jordan Foster Construction has a history of generations working for the company fostering a strong sense of camaraderie, trust, and accountability among colleagues,” explained Damian Alvarez, Environmental Health and Safety Director at Jordan Foster.

Father, Son, and Grandson Team. From left to right, Oswaldo Votta Jr., Marcos Votta, and Oswaldo Votta Sr.

Families at Jordan Foster. Photo on left: Venancio Pena with daughter Yukari and son in law Giovani. Top right photo: Father and son duo: Damian Alvarez Sr. and Damian Alvarez Jr. Bottom right photo: Brothers Jorge and Servando Acuna

“The construction industry is changing and Jordan Foster is leading the way,” emphasized Clint Henson, Operations Manager of the Civil Division at Jordan Foster Construction. “We have committed to creating a safe and more productive environment by preventing fatigue through managing and monitoring work hours and creating an environment where team members can have time outside of work for what is most important to them.  We found that productivity is limited after a certain number of hours of work. More than that can lead to incidents and rework. We are committed to staffing and scheduling our work to minimize the risk.”

EHS Operations Manager, Asma Bayunus in Mental Health Awareness SafetyByte

In addition to its focus on people, Jordan Foster Construction prioritizes mental health awareness and training as integral components of its safety initiatives. Asma Bayrunus, EHS Operations Manager, is responsible for the Mental Health First Aid and Suicide prevention program at Jordan Foster Construction.  Recognizing a risk for First Aid and CPR responders, Asma established the first of its kind MindSaver Post CPR training program. Bayunus elaborated “By promoting mental health awareness and providing comprehensive training programs, the company equips its team members with the tools needed to bring resources and communication to the field, addressing mental health challenges in the construction industry.”

“Jordan Foster Construction is committed to expanding the definition of safety and breaking down silos and communication gaps that hinder safety best practices.”  stated Tricia Kagerer, Executive Vice President of Risk Management. “Our Safety and Risk Management team exists to ensure that our operations team has reliable risk management intelligence to make informed business decisions, run safe projects, and develop communication channels with everyone in the field. We are trusted advisors for our team.”

Jordan Foster Construction is at the forefront of the construction industry and continuing our legacy as employer of choice as we “Build Texas Together,” stated Darren Woody CEO.  “Safety excellence coincides with operational excellence and profitability. It is aligned with our core values and the right thing to do. By striving for safety excellence, like the CSEA Grand Award, we become a better builder in the process.”

Pictured from left to right are Todd Roberts – President, ERS Inc. & 2023 AGC of America Vice President; Tricia Kagerer – EVP Risk Management JFC; Marco Votta – Cement Finisher JFC; Oswaldo Votta – Superintendent JFC; Oswaldo Votta Jr. – Field Associate JFC; Damian  Alvarez – Environmental Health and Safety Director JFC; Clint Henson – Operations Manager of the Civil Division JFC; Asma Bayunus – Environmental Health and Safety Operations Manager JFC; Servando Acuna – Equipment Operator JFC; Jorge Acuna – Regional Safety Manager JFC; Brian J. Poliafico – Vice President, Profit Center Manager – Excess Construction, Starr Insurance; and Joe Russo, Northeast Regional Construction Industry Leader, WTW


Since 1969, Jordan Foster has completed billions of dollars in high-quality infrastructure, commercial, and multi-family projects, all while prioritizing and maintaining safe working environments within its unique safety culture. The award from EHS Today acknowledges Jordan Foster’s commitment to excellence and integrity. The company’s dedication to safety has resulted in being recognized by industry leaders such as Associated General Contractors, Associated Builders and Contractors, and the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI). For more information about Jordan Foster Construction and its commitment to safety excellence, visit