At Jordan Foster Construction, our highly qualified and experienced teams guide clients and designers through the preconstruction and construction phases using an open-book approach. Our advanced planning during the preconstruction phase gives Jordan Foster the edge in developing efficient site logistics, detailed safety and quality control plans, and accurate schedules. This is just one of the many characteristics that has allowed us to rise as a leading general contractor.

Jordan Foster’s estimating teams incorporate value engineering strategies in estimates and procurement to provide clients with a best value and high quality project. At the conclusion of the project, a warranty manual is prepared by Jordan Foster then reviewed by the entire project team.

Each Jordan Foster process in the preconstruction, construction, and post-construction phase, is designed to provide every client with a successfully completed project they can be proud of.


  • Project and Programming Meetings
  • Construction Cost Budgeting
  • Existing Field Condition Surveys
  • Constructability Input and Reviews
  • Early Procurement Schedules
  • Management of Pre-bid Project Walks
  • Trade Contractor Prequalification
  • Preparation of Bid Results
  • Trade Contractor Interviews and Bid Qualification
  • Value Engineering Alternatives
  • Site Logistics Plan
  • Cost Control during Preconstruction
Preconstruction Services


  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Cost Control during Construction
  • Safety Management
  • Schedule Management
  • LEED Certification
Construction Services


  • Document Retention
  • Warranty Management
  • 11-Month Walk-Through
Post-construction Services


Construction Manager-At-Risk


  • Completed Millions of Square-feet of Office, Retail, Industrial, and Warehouse Space 
  • Built 22,000+ Parking Garage Spaces
  • Completed 30,000+ Hospitality Units 


  • Extensive TxDOT, Federal, and Public Work
  • Poured Millions of Yards of Concrete Slabs  
  • Installed Millions of Square-feet of Elevated Concrete Decks


  • $1.5 Billion in Multifamily Construction
  • Constructed 80,000+ Apartment Units
  • Constructed 22 HUD Communities and 10,000+ Student Housing Beds

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