Chihuahuan Desert Exhibit 

El Paso, Texas

Client: The City of El Paso

Project scope included reconstructing the existing desert node of the El Paso Zoo as a Chihuahuan Desert Exhibit. The work involved the construction of animal holding buildings, outdoor classroom, guest and animal bridges, and a climbing structure. Also included are exhibits for prairie dogs, parrots, wolves, small animals, mountain lions, jaguars, coati large mammals, and rodents found in the Chihuahuan desert. Site work includes grading, utility modifications, tree preservation, paving, retaining walls, landscape and irrigation. A large rockwork structure is part of this project as well as several other smaller rockwork structures. A flash flood exhibit with dedicated water treatment system and constructed vessels was a major feature requiring coordination of multiple trade. This project is highly themed and required attention to construction details in guest areas. This project also houses wild animals where attention to containment and animal welfare is required.