LoneHollow Ranch Club Room & Dining Hall

Utopia, Texas


Parkview Residences

The Club Room, spanning approximately 12,000 square feet, will serve as a versatile space for various events and gatherings. It features an amphitheater-style seating area and a raised stage, providing a dynamic setting for performances and presentations. Additionally, the Club Room includes essential amenities such as a backstage area, an open-air sound booth, and a video production booth to cater to diverse event needs. To enhance the comfort of guests and performers, the Club Room boasts a Camp Speaker office, a green room with a private restroom, ample storage, and convenient public restrooms.

Adjacent to the Club Room, the Dining Hall & Kitchen, spanning approximately 20,000 square feet, will offer a spacious and welcoming environment for dining and culinary activities. The facility is equipped with a stage for entertainment purposes, along with backstage and storage areas to support event logistics seamlessly. State-of-the-art sound and lighting systems are integrated into the design, ensuring exceptional audiovisual experiences for all attendees. Moreover, a dedicated sound/lighting booth is provided to facilitate precise control and management of audio and lighting elements.