Temple Outer Loop North Phase III

Temple, Texas


Parkview Residences

The Temple Outer Loop North (Phase III) project in Temple, Texas, launched in February 2024 with a budget of $42,645,706. This initiative aims to upgrade the area’s transportation infrastructure to meet growing demands. Key features include a new four-lane roadway spanning 9,500 feet to improve traffic flow and accessibility. A notable aspect is the construction of a 1,135-foot-long bridge over the BNSF Railroad, enhancing connectivity between crucial points. The project incorporates six Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Retaining Walls to provide structural support and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, 12,910 feet of storm drainage, comprising Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Box, will manage water efficiently and prevent flooding. Utility infrastructure enhancements are also a priority, with 5,100 feet of new water lines and 8,650 feet of wastewater lines being laid to support essential community needs and future growth. Overall, the Temple Outer Loop North (Phase III) project represents a collaborative effort to advance infrastructure, spur economic development, and improve residents’ and commuters’ quality of life.