Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Clinic

El Paso, Texas

Client: Ysleta Del Sur

Description: The Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Clinic is a testament to architectural innovation and cultural preservation. This 78,500 square-foot healthcare facility offers the American Indian/Alaska Natives residing in the El Paso region improved access to essential healthcare services.

The clinic’s distinctive semi-circular structure presents a visually striking focal point. The atrium, crowned by a skylight visible from the first level, adds a touch of architectural intrigue. Custom Terrazzo floors on the ground level are not just functional, rather they are works of art filled with tribal symbolism, preserving the heritage of the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo.

Throughout its construction, the project faced unique challenges, including torrential rains and a curved design. The team’s approach involved a top-down construction strategy to protect high-end finishes throughout the building. This intricate coordination allowed multiple trade partners to work simultaneously.

Despite challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and material shortages, Jordan Foster Construction showcased unwavering dedication and adaptability. Their three-phase quality control program, effective communication, and collaborative spirit ensured the project’s successful completion.

The Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Clinic stands as a beacon of healthcare access, cultural preservation, and architectural achievement, profoundly impacting the lives of the tribal community and the region at large.